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Joe Seeber has audited electric utilities for more than twenty-six years. He’s founder and president of TriStem He and his wife, Elaine, live near Waco, Texas. TriStem, Ltd, is a Texas-based company that serves as an advocate for electric utility customers. TriStem’s services to its clients include auditing their electric utility bills, recovering the refunds they are entitled to (The company has generated approximately $100 million in refunds and savings for its clients since it was founded in 1979.), and negotiating (and renegotiating) contacts with utilities for clients. TriStem’s clients have included local governments, such as the cities of New Orleans and Pensacola, federal government agencies and offices, including the Coast Guard, General Services Administration, Postal Service and the Veteran’s Administration, the states of Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas, Texas Tech University, Louisiana State University, and the WorldTtrade Center, Exxon, Texaco, General Electric, Hyatt, and Pfizer, among others.

Jim Moore is the author of nine books. He divides his time between Texas and the United Kingdom. Jim Moore spent his early years in Arkansas and he holds degrees in history and political science from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. He=s known Bill Clinton for 17 years, and as a broadcast journalist, followed Clinton=s political career. Moore is former executive director for Success Motivation Institute, and now operates an SMI franchise. He is the author of Conspiracy of One, a controversial new look at the Kennedy assassination and Rampage, the story of the Gene Simmons mass murders which took place in Arkansas during the Christmas holidays in 1987. Because of his expertise on the Kennedy assassination, Moore has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs across the nation, including the CBS Evening News and Larry King Live.