About the Book

Wired for Greed exposes the utility companies for what they really are:  “Utilities always portray themselves as just another business, just like your neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store.  The truth is utilities have no real similarity to any other sort of free enterprise.  Through the process of regulation, and, in modern times, because of the lack of competition, utilities are a breed apart…something akin to the bastard child of free enterprise.”

Wired for Greed talks about the mystery of utility companies:  “…we can demand accountability from businesses because we know something about the product we are purchasing.  However, electricity, the system that deliver is, and the power utilities themselves are deep mysteries to most Americans. For the electric utilities, consumer ignorance is bliss.  Unburdened by real competition and disdainful of their own customer base, the power companies can pretty much do whatever they want.”

Wired for Greed reveals the shortcomings of utility deregulation:  “Much like a trick two-headed coin, regulation is designed to guarantee a favorable outcome regardless of the circumstance of situation.  Unfortunately, things seldom work out that way … in recent years utilities have received an unfair share of regulatory privilege, while consumers have gotten the shaft.”


Seeber tells a fascinating story that more people should know about. It is amazing how little oversight public utilities have considering the vast sums of money they collect from all of us.

Very well written and to the point

Although electricity is essential to our daily lives and to our economy, most of us know little or nothing about electric utility companies. According to Joe Seeber, founder and president of a utility audit business, it’s about time we end our ignorance. He knows utilities inside and out and claims that they are corrupt, enjoy overly cozy relationships with elected officials, and are out to mazimize profits at the expense of consumers. He illustrates his claims with real life stories that will amaze and entertain you. He also explains why deregulation of the electric utility industry is a sham, something many readers may be discovering now that they are faced with steep hikes in the cost of electricity, despite promises from state elected officials that deregulation would bring lower costs. If you don’t believe that a book about the electric utility industry can be interesting, think again. Wired for Greed is fascinating and sheds light on an industry we should all know a lot more about.

Illuminating book